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Time Trial Results Tool

Our club Chairman, an accomplished IT professional, with experience in results management in the virtual world of cycling has turned his hand to creating a tool for time trial organisers to use.  This tool is very much in continual development and is always open to suggestions for improvements and little tweaks along the way.  We hope this will make live results "the norm" and to help create social media reach for time trial events, which in turn will bring this discipline of our sport to more people.

The key elements of this tool were:

  • It needed to be device agnostic.  Providing the ability to use the tool "track side" on virtually any device is key to the success.
  • It needed to be robust in areas with patchy signal
  • It needed to be automated as much as possible.  Restricting the need for user input removes possibility of error.
  • It needed to provide options and flexibility whilst remaining simple to use.
  • It needed to reach the masses easily.  Google Docs gives this to us for free, thankfully.

The ability to provide near instant results for time trialling along with engaging with "spectators" via social media helps to raise the profile of the sport and create excitement.  It also changes the traditional dynamics of the event HQ and provides other opportunities in this space.  By modernising and mixing tradition the hope is that we will attract the next generation of "testers" and certainly in our events at Newbury Velo we are already seeing that happen.

Please read the attached PDF document linked at the bottom of this article before clicking the link to the results tool.  The current version of the results tool is V1-14.  You can get a copy of it from here: